Abrasive Disc User:  Gavin Hadley

Tool Used:  Right Angle Grinder

The Situation: Surface Conditioning Discs helps make a Land Rover Defender Log Burner

Abrasive Disc Actions:  Removing scale and coarse marks and to polish the product

Result of Using the Discs: Rapid Strip helped in 2 ways – scale removal from mild steel tube & removed coarse marks. Rapid Blend to smooth all of the TIG welds with fantastic results


Land Rover Defender Log Burner   2n 

An interesting application of surface conditioning discs

Gavin from Metal Art & Fabrications put the discs to good use during the creation of a Land Rover Defender log burner, based on a customer’s partner’s vehicle (what an interesting gift to give to your other half!). The log burner looks stunning and is truly a work of art. We’re thrilled that Gavin chose to use Norton Abrasives during the project.

How did Gavin use the surface conditioning discs?

Gavin used the Rapid Blaze Strip Disc to remove scale from the mild steel tube (normally, he would have used a 24 grit sanding disc to remove the scale and an 80 grit flap disc to remove the coarse marks and then polish it up – with the Rapid Blaze Strip Disc, he did not have to change discs). He then used our Norton Vortex Rapid Blend to smooth all of the TIG welds from tube to sheet joints, resulting in an immaculate finish when painted.

Gavin said: “This Land Rover log burner was one of my favourite builds. I will be getting some of the discs in stock – very impressed with the results!”

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