A Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc and competitors' discs were used to remove Tig weld on flanged isolation dampeners at MC Air Filtration LTD. 

User: MC Air filtration LTD

Norton Disc: Blaze Rapid Strip 115x22mm

Competitor Disc: SIA 4515 & 3M Cubitron II fibre discs

Tool: Angle Grinder

Situation: Large Tig Weld left on flanged isolation dampeners

Task: Tig weld needed to be removed without damaging weld or component

Action: User used all three products on 3 separate components with medium pressure, only applying the disc on to areas where the Tig weld existed

Result: All three products removed the Tig weld, however, Blaze rapid strip managed to do this as well as provide a consistent finish. It did this twice as fast without having to change/replace the disc unlike its competitors

The ring on the right is before blending and ring on left is after.

dampeners before after