Product Used:  Norton Rapid Finish NEX 2-SF, followed by Rapid Polish + Polishing Paste Bar

The Situation:  Are you spending countless hours polishing and buffing but to no avail on the results? This case study will explain the solution to this.

Task: To achieve a high polish / super shine finish

Action:  A customer was looking to achieve a high gloss finish on his stainless steel cabinet. He found using the Norton Rapid Polish and the Polishing Paste Bars ideal for the results he was aiming for. The combination of the two had produced a real gleam to the metal surface. He had never been able to succeed in such a finish before. The cabinet was prepared in the normal manner in stripping back old paint and defects, then the Rapid Blend was used to refine and finish out all surface defects and impurities without being too abrasive. This left the perfect surface preparation for a final polish. He then finally used the Rapid Polish disc plus the compound to give the final shine. It made a lot of difference compared to his normal polishing routine. The results show quite an eye-catching cabinet:



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