rapid blend

Abrasive Disc User: SGA Test Centre

Tool Used: Pneumatic angle grinder

The Situation: A medium to heavy coating of rust, on helicopter surrounding window components,  needed removing. Users at the SGA Test Centre used a Norton Abrasive (the Vortex Rapid Blend) and a competitor's disc to remove this coating, creating a smooth surface for paint adhesion. 

Abrasive Disc Action: The Vortex Rapid Blend Disc and a competitor's disc were used in a controlled environment (with medium pressure) to prevent gouging or damaging the components. It was discovered that the Vortex Rapid Blend (Norton Abrasive) outlasted the competitor disc 5:1. Signigicantly, this disc can be used all the way to the button, as well as cut and remove surface contaminants twice as fast - this improves work rate. The competitor disc used was a 50mm aluminum oxide medium grit surface blending disc.

vortex rapid blend