Choosing the Right Products for a High Polish Finish

Product Used:  Norton Rapid Finish NEX 2-SF, followed by Rapid Polish + Polishing Paste Bar

The Situation:  Are you spending countless hours polishing and buffing but to no avail on the results? This case study will explain the solution to this.

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Norton Rapid Strip & Norton Vortex Rapid Blend, Put to Excellent Use

angle grinder

Abrasive Disc User:  Gavin Hadley

Tool Used:  Right Angle Grinder

The Situation: Surface Conditioning Discs helps make a Land Rover Defender Log Burner

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Stripping & Cleaning a VW Beetle using an abrasive disc

blaze rapid strip

Abrasive Disc User: Dave Dunham, Auto Refurb, Nuneaton

Tool Used: Right angle grinder

The Situation: Respraying a 1974 VW Beetle

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Gone In 30 Seconds

Paint Stripping

Product Used:
Blaze Rapid Strip vs Conventional products

The Situation:
To compare and test the speed and rapidity of the Blaze Rapid Strip to standard products for stripping paint.

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Norton Rapid Blend Preps Miniature Trains

Product Used
Rapid Blend disc

CMD Engineering - Manufacturer and Supplier of Miniature Trains

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Norton Blaze Rapid - STRIP

A Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc and competitors' discs were used to remove Tig weld on flanged isolation dampeners at MC Air Filtration LTD. 

User: MC Air filtration LTD

Norton Disc: Blaze Rapid Strip 115x22mm

Competitor Disc: SIA 4515 & 3M Cubitron II fibre discs

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Removing weld with an abrasive disc - STRIP

angle grinder

Abrasive Disc User: An employee at MC Air Filtration LTD

Tool Used: Angle grinder

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Norton Vortex Rapid Blend and Norton Rapid Blend - FINISH

angle grinder

Abrasive Disc User: An employee at Recol Engineering

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Norton Vortex Rapid Blend - BLEND

angle grinder

Abrasive Disc User: SGA Test Centre

Tool Used: Pneumatic angle grinder

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