Here at Grump Tower there is a good variety of jobs being done, some floral, some formal, some shabby industrial, some just plain silly, but the common thread with all of them is getting a good finish!

Charlie (owner of The Grumpy Blacksmith) has used all manner of flap wheels in angle grinders and quick change die grinders but the Norton Blaze and Vortex Rapid Blend discs were a big step forward, they are cleaner, quieter and faster, and leave a much better finish when removing paint and tidying up welds.

He needed to make a new spanner for swapping discs as they are quite thick, but once worn down the standard spanner is fine. He highly recommends giving the Norton Blaze discs a go! Since using them he now offers 'Shiny' as well as rusty and painted to his customers, which has to be a good thing!

Moreover Charlie’s work doesn’t stop there; with the Norton discs he has also created items from Star Wars, the X-Wing lamps and Darth Vader wood burners. He used the 3 in 1 disc: Vortex Rapid Blend on the Darth Vader to remove, blend and condition the mask to give the metal the flawless appearance. It has also efficiently conditioned the mask ready for when Charlie has to re-paint / coat it.

What will you create using Norton’s surface conditioning discs?


Darth Vader Mask

IMG 2036

metal flowers