Maybe you’re a car enthusiast. Or maybe you work in the automotive industry restoring vehicles to their former beauty. If so, we bet you’ve gone through a few paint stripping discs in your time – some might have been great, some not so great.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing automotive paint stripping discs

A great paint stripping disc is likely to be composed of ceramic or silicon carbide grain, providing an aggressive and rapid stripping experience. An open structure and great depth results in a consistent stripping process without clogging (even on soft materials) and offer longevity that you need in your paint stripping disc (you won’t need to change the disc as regularly as you might need to when using a disc composed of alternative materials).


Not only that, this combination will most likely prevents gouging or damage to the work piece, saving time on rework and reducing added costs.

So, what should you choose?

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip discs are the ideal choice for paint stripping 

This abrasive disc aggressively removes paint, as well as dirt, rust, scale and corrosion with ease. In fact, one of our customers used it to strip and clean an entire VW Beetle.

If you would like to order the Blaze Rapid Strip you can find your nearest distributor here.