As experienced welders, fabricators and metalworkers, you will understand that freshly welded joints require more attention after with the removal of droplets of molten material, commonly referred to as weld splatter.

During post-processing, the following abrasive disc product families will usually be available to you:

During post-processing, the following abrasive disc product families will usually be available to you:

Non-woven abrasive discs - composed of a 3D mesh of synthetic fibres

Coated abrasive flap discs - made of overlapping pieces of abrasive material bonded to one central hub

Coated abrasive fibre discs - a popular method of grinding metal when flexibility is needed

Cutting and grinding discs - used for heavy stock removal and cutting ferrous and nonferrous materials

But what abrasive disc product family should you choose to remove weld splatter?

Removing weld splatter does not have to be a laborious process. Non-woven abrasive discs work really well in terms of cleaning up that annoying mess! More specifically the NORTON BLAZE RAPID STRIP. Composed of fibrous nylon material, a resin bond and the premium BLAZE ceramic abrasive - the combination of grain and fibre provides a seamless cutting process. Importantly, the abrasive disc adheres to the point of contact easily, creating an enjoyable and smooth cutting experience (yes, enjoyable!).

The discs are also excellent at working on difficult to reach welds and in applications where a decorative surface finish is required.

What are you waiting for?

Choose a non-woven abrasive disc to remove weld splatter from Norton Abrasives, the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of abrasives for commercial applications, automotive refinishing applications and household usage.

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