Here at Norton abrasives, we know all there is to know about abrasive discs. We have a range of abrasives that offer the complete Surface conditioning solution – stripping and cleaning, surface blending and conditioning, as well as finishing and refining.

As an avid abrasive disc fanatic, we get that sometimes you might lie in bed and wonder “what are these abrasive discs made of?” Well, the base of all these discs is Nylon - the same material used to make tracksuit bottoms, tents and even ladies tights. But To answer this question, we’ve put together the information below, summarising the materials that construct the Norton Rapid range.


Norton Blaze Rapid Strip – an abrasive disc perfect for metal substrate

This disc will remove tough layers of rust, paint, dirt, corrosion and E-poxy resins. It’s created using patented BLAZE ceramic grain (a harder, sharper and more elongated shape than regular ceramic grain)

Users of this abrasive disc are likely to benefit from the disc’s longevity as it can last up to 2x longer than other abrasive discs on the market.

Norton Vortex Rapid Blend – a versatile abrasive disc

This disc has a specially engineered Vortex grain. It’s a versatile product and is often used instead of (or as well as) fibre and flap discs:

  • If harder pressure is applied the disc can remove light Tig welds and condition the weld

  • If lighter pressure is applied, the disc can be used for surface finishing.

  • This disc can also removes any thermal damage (Bluing)

  • Provides a prefect key for pain

  • The Nylon web structure makes the disc delicate enough to prevent damaging any component and preventing re-work.

Norton Rapid Blend – an abrasive disc giving a smooth finish

The Norton Rapid Blend is made from fine silicon carbide with a closed structure allowing you to remove finest of defects. This will allow you to refine any work piece, achieving a consistent finish to a high shine

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