Making good use of Norton’s Surface Conditioning discs

Darth Vader Mask


Here at Grump Tower there is a good variety of jobs being done, some floral, some formal, some shabby industrial, some just plain silly, but the common thread with all of them is getting a good finish!

Charlie (owner of The Grumpy Blacksmith) has used all manner of flap wheels in angle grinders and quick change die grinders but the Norton Blaze and Vortex Rapid Blend discs were a big step forward, they are cleaner, quieter and faster, and leave a much better finish when removing paint and tidying up welds.

He needed to make a new spanner for swapping discs as they are quite thick, but once worn down the standard spanner is fine. He highly recommends giving the Norton Blaze discs a go! Since using them he now offers 'Shiny' as well as rusty and painted to his customers, which has to be a good thing!

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How to remove rust without damaging metal – Norton’s top tips

Removing rust


Vehicle parts are very susceptible to rusting as they are constantly exposed to humidity. This rust is unsightly and can affect the performance of the parts. But don’t panic! Removing rust from metal surfaces is usually achievable with the correct application and tools.

At Norton Rapid, we’re often asked “how should I remove rust without damaging metal with an abrasive disc?” While it can certainly be quite tricky, there’s often a simple way of doing this (depending on the severity of the damage – if your car is 90% rust, 10% vehicle you might have left it too long).

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How to remove weld splatter - choose the right abrasive disc!

As experienced welders, fabricators and metalworkers, you will understand that freshly welded joints require more attention after with the removal of droplets of molten material, commonly referred to as weld splatter.

During post-processing, the following abrasive disc product families will usually be available to you:

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What should you consider when choosing automotive paint stripping discs?

Maybe you’re a car enthusiast. Or maybe you work in the automotive industry restoring vehicles to their former beauty. If so, we bet you’ve gone through a few paint stripping discs in your time – some might have been great, some not so great.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing automotive paint stripping discs

A great paint stripping disc is likely to be composed of ceramic or silicon carbide grain, providing an aggressive and rapid stripping experience. An open structure and great depth results in a consistent stripping process without clogging (even on soft materials) and offer longevity that you need in your paint stripping disc (you won’t need to change the disc as regularly as you might need to when using a disc composed of alternative materials).

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What are metal fabrication discs made of?

What are metal fabrication discs made of?

Here at Norton abrasives, we know all there is to know about abrasive discs. We have a range of abrasives that offer the complete Surface conditioning solution – stripping and cleaning, surface blending and conditioning, as well as finishing and refining.

As an avid abrasive disc fanatic, we get that sometimes you might lie in bed and wonder “what are these abrasive discs made of?” Well, the base of all these discs is Nylon - the same material used to make tracksuit bottoms, tents and even ladies tights. But To answer this question, we’ve put together the information below, summarising the materials that construct the Norton Rapid range.

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